Frequently Asked Questions


What is the QPR Panel?

'QPR Opinions' is an online market research panel dedicated to providing a voice for sports fans across the UK and beyond. We provide club fans the opportunity to share their thoughts and opinions about the industry while rewarding them with sports experiences, tickets, merchandise and more.

What are the benefits of joining?

Join fellow QPR Opinions members to:

  • Share your opinions on the club/s and sports organisations that you are associated with, ensuring you have a voice in the future of the sports industry.
  • Rewards may be awarded to charities of your own choice with or without assignation for your contribution
  • Access survey results and research reports on issues and ideas not available anywhere else

Is there a fee for joining?

No, there is no fee for joining. On the contrary, you are rewarded for responding to short surveys.

How often should I update my profile?

Keep your profile as current as possible as this will increase the number and relevance of the survey opportunities you can take advantage of. We will contact you periodically with a request to update your profile.

Do I have to complete a given number of surveys to remain a member?

No, you don't have to complete a given number of surveys to remain a member, as we will not terminate your membership for inactivity.


Participating in surveys

How often will I be contacted with the option to complete a survey?

Upon registering to the panel, users are able select their preference as to how often they would like to be sent surveys. This can also be changed at any point by logging in to the QPR Opinions site.


Where can I see the balance of my points?

Your points balance is visible to you by logging in and clicking the Completed Surveys link.

How do I convert my points into rewards or charitable donations?

Convert your points into rewards or charitable donations by logging in and clicking the Rewards link.

I've referred a friend to join the QPR Panel, how will I know if they've been accepted and whether I will receive an additional entry in the month prize draw for the introduction?

Due to data protection and privacy regulations, we cannot inform you of the status of any individual's application prior to acceptance. However, should your referred friend be accepted onto the panel, you will be credited with the additional points within a month.


Are my responses confidential?

Your survey responses are always kept confidential and your name or contact details will NEVER be provided to any third party. You will NEVER receive any solicitation as a result of participating in our QPR Opinions surveys.

What if I have a question not covered in the FAQ?

If you have a question that isn't covered in this FAQ please send an email to




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